I was so pleased and yet surprised last week when I took a call from an enquiring Talent Director. We were approached by a global private equity company looking for a new "boutique" executive search partner to help them with a number of senior hires they need to invest in. We had a good discussion and seemed aligned in many ways including the need for a storytelling to be an integral part of a recruitment strategy. 

Whilst the recruitment world is booming, the sought talent pool(s) haven't grown in line with this demand and so you have fewer potential candidates to gain the attention of. Considering this, you have to really consider ways in which you can catch their attention and entice them into a conversation with you. We are speaking to more and more candidates who have a clear purpose, core values, a vision for their career and want to find an employer who aligns. The companies who will win this talent over are the ones that bring their company's story to life authentically. More important still, they are the ones who innovate how they communicate their message.

We partner a lot of clients that don't have a global brand but who are all amazing businesses and offer fantastic career opportunities. If they relied on traditional recruitment methods they would highly likely struggle to fill the critical roles they have to deliver their strategies. These companies perhaps don't have the financial resources or marketing teams that some of the huge brands have and so we help them to use various marketing tools to tell their stories and entice candidates. It has been a very successful strategy over many years now.

Anyway, we usually have to work hard to convince clients about innovating in their recruitment strategy and so it was a very nice and welcome surprise to hear from a Talent Director who led this conversation!