In our weekly mindfulness meeting we discussed the importance of switching off when on leave, and the different ways in which we can manage this. It is something which after the last few years of working from home, blurring the lines between home and office, and then not being able to physically take a holiday - a distinct gap allowing us to switch off when we do manage to get that trip away is arguably more important than it ever has been.

I took a week off recently, and due to having no WiFi (planned) and no phone signal (unplanned!) I was forced to take a break from emails, social media, even messages on my phone! Only in random areas were I was staying did I get any signal.  It took a few days to get used to, but that enforced situation gave me the most restful holiday I have taken in years.

We discussed in our group how we all go about this, and the generally response was that we all find it difficult to completely stop. In our case not from pressure or expectations from the business, but from the pressure we place on ourselves.

We do owe it to ourselves to take our leave as our own, and to be able to switch off completely from our jobs. This article discusses the importance of this and ways in which we can prepare ahead, there is no getting away from it we need to prepare as much as possible - but surely its worth it for our own wellbeing?

Do you allow yourself to completely switch off? What do you do to ensure you take a full break?