A lot of our Clients are looking for the very best employees that market has. They want high potential employees that will execute and contribute to today’s strategy but are also capable of growing to visualize and execute tomorrow’s strategy. Individuals with a strong purpose typically fit into this high potential category.

I read over the weekend about a man that had become a Navy SEAL, a Harvard qualified Doctor and in more recent times a NASA astronaut. I suppose he is the definition of high potential! Interestingly when I read more about him, I understood that he had a very strong purpose for each of these incredible achievements. Overall he had a purpose and strong inner compass.

His upbringing was tough, and he joined the Navy so he could protect his family and friends. During his time as a SEAL he wanted to be able to treat his fellow team mates in a medical emergency. This followed an incident where he watched medics save the life of a close friend and teammate. He started studying medicine between deployments. He more recently became a NASA astronaut in his mission to “serve humanity”. His individual achievements are impressive, his collective achievements are astounding.

He said in one article “I'm a big proponent of focusing on the moment on what you're doing. I think it's perfectly OK to plan, but it's been important for me to really be singularly focused on a single mission," His inner compass and purpose, in his own words, “has always pointed me towards being impactful and public service, and that opens a lot of opportunities."

People with a strong purpose typically:

  • High purpose people are willing to take more risks
  • They’re open to new possibilities
  • They have more energy and emotion about what they are doing
  • They have no time for petty disputes or social drama
  • They are intentional
  • They don’t allow limits to hold them back
  • They’re willing to make repeated efforts

People who lack purpose may try for a moment or a day. But they quickly get discouraged. They want results, but they don't want to grind. They aren't committed enough to the purpose to apply effort consistently until the mission is accomplished. The goal is too important to give up just because it's hard. Its no wonder that people with a strong purpose are in high demand.