I'm sure, like many, I am sat here very proud of the England team and their performance during the Euro 2020 games. The collective group of England players have instilled hope and pride back in to the country after a tough 18 months. And one of the shining lights of the England team has not only been their togetherness but how well they have been managed and the leadership skills Gareth Southgate has shown. 

Southgate's management style is ego light, it is never about him, it is always about others. His attitude and approach to leadership has been hailed not only inside the world of football, but outside too. In fact, it goes far beyond just the football world and can be used in any standard leadership practice. 

Let's look at some of the things Gareth Southgate has done to build a 'team' culture: Southgate always uses "we", not "I", constantly reasserting his faith in the England team and his coaching team. He rarely singles any of them out as superstars, always reinforcing them as a collective unit. They stand together against racism, support each other through mistakes, and give their all whether they are on the pitch, on the bench or simply training. This is the essence of a team ethic and it does not have to apply to elite sports - it can be in a small business or a large organisation. It is simple leadership skills that bring people together and inspire a winning culture. 

Sometimes good leaders lead failed missions and exhibiting qualities like honesty, integrity, courage, resilience, humor, judgement and perseverance is what makes someone effective. These qualities increase the likelihood that a team will succeed more often that not. 

So, if you're looking for some Monday inspiration from the Euros 2020 defeat, look towards Gareth Southgate and his leadership and apply some of those traits to the way you lead your team.