Wow! I haven't followed the Gymshark story and so didn't really know anything about its Founder and new CEO Ben Francis. Totally transfixed during this brilliant podcast in which he reveals all about his journey. No idea why but I misjudged what he would be like. I was really pleased to hear how focused he has been on creating a culture that he would love to work in if he wasn't the founder! So authentic too about his blind spots and recognition at the personal development journey he had to go on to take over the reigns as CEO! It was a 2 year journey. It also brings home the importance of knowing what you what your culture to be and to recruit people who will align but who also have the necessary motivation to learn and adapt as your company changes. Growth mindset, resilience, relentlessness and recognition that you can't be successful all the time were also very apparent.

Anyway, they may have just acquired a new customer! Love everything Ben and his company stand for. Dive in, there is so much for us all to take away from this Podcast.