I often write about talent attraction, how important it is that organisations win the war on talent and attract the over best into their business. But the Covid-19 pandemic has seemingly caused some organisations to take their eye off the other side of the coin - keeping hold of that talent. 

The perception of many, particularly at the start of the pandemic was that employees were dead set to avoid risk - surely nobody sees this as a good time to start a new role, right? Well kind of, at the start of the pandemic, uncertainty led to talent seeking stability but as we transition out of lockdown and restriction candidates now seek a role to progress them and one that excites them. 

Organisations can implement a culture that encourages talent retention by focusing on areas like work life balance, structured career progression plans and compensation/benefits that fairly rewards contribution. Think of your workforce like a bucket full of water, there is no point working really hard to top it up if there is a hole in the bottom allowing water to escape. 

So as we move out of the pandemic and the market becomes even more candidate driven, ask yourself what more can you do to keep hold of your best talent?