I think sometimes we become so fixed on the end goal that we lose sight of the process, and there is a danger of losing motivation - and more importantly fulfillment and pride in what we are doing.  There is always something to celebrate along the way in any process. The Small Wins are important, nothing is instantaneous so I think it is important at every stage of any process we undertake, to stop and take the time to appreciate how far we have come...and recognize that we cannot reach that successful conclusion without these milestones.

We at Collingwood regularly write about how we are a values lead organization, having a strong foundation built on these values has translated in to working with clients who share similar values, and in turn has lead to some incredible client collaborations. We are proud to be involved in assignments which are genuinely transformational for the clients we work with. Assignments which are strategically important, it is hugely rewarding to be able to be a part of this.

But it does also mean that each process can be longer, certainly more complex than a one off hire and always slightly different. When we undertake an assignment for a client we kick off with a detailed briefing meeting - or several, with our client. We then start a research process with our team of researchers, we then enter a feedback loop with the client, reaffirming and challenging if needed, the scope of the role. Once agreed with all stakeholders we then approach candidates, interview them at least twice before the client meets them, and then present them to the client...there will then be several rounds of interviews with the client, between every stage we brief and debrief both candidate and client...then after a few weeks we get to an offer, we work with both sides to negotiate this...and at the end of all this a successful appointment.

It becomes so important therefore, to celebrate the Small Wins along the way. Celebrate them with colleagues, the research team who have spent days mapping markets and presenting findings, the candidates who are, ultimately, undertaking a process which will have a major effect on their lives and careers. The clients who are under pressure to make these appointments to deliver on their strategy.

The small wins give us more satisfaction and therefore pride and energy in what we do. Take the time to do this, you owe it to yourself!