One of the things I love the most about my job is how much I get to learn from the people I speak with, and I am always incredibly grateful when someone choses to pass on advice based on their experiences. This might come as a shock, but not everyone I speak with wants to do so just because they are looking for their next career move! Many of the conversations I have are just to network and exchange knowledge. 

A theme that has come up in many conversations recently has been around branding. Whether it is the client we are working with and the qualitative feedback that we can offer on their branding, and how they are perceived by the candidates they are looking to attract. Or the candidates we are working with and their heightened awareness of their own personal brand.

The age old saying is that people buy from people. In any transaction it often comes down to one to one - the global multi billion turnover client is represented by one person alone when they enter a sale, consultation or interview. The sales person might represent the business they work for, but when it comes down to doing what they do...well its just them, their knowledge and the relationship they build with the person or people in front of them.

I mentioned at the start that I am in privileged position as I get to learn new things all the time from the people I speak to. This week I spoke with someone who is fast becoming a trusted advisor on all things branding and marketing! He told me about the power and importance of telling our story, bringing our personality in to what we do and actively contributing to the field we work in. He had many success stories about individuals in his company who he had helped to become "thought leaders" or "trusted advisors" in their field of expertise, he had also been able to significantly increase the visibility of his company through the power of a well defined branding message.

I spoke with a candidate this week who realized at the start of the pandemic that the level of effectiveness he would have in his job would be significantly impacted by not being able to get out and see his clients. So he needed a new approach - he needed to rebrand himself. He started to blog more, write about his industry, tell the story about what he does, record videos to send to customers demonstrating the solutions he sells. The result, 3 major contracts won, in a new vertical, people coming to him to learn more.

These are two of many examples, and I will be writing about this again in the near future, but for the time being here is an article about the importance of personal branding;