Whilst talking to a Board member of a technology business that was enquiring about our services last week, she asked me what differentiates Collingwood from other Executive Search consultancies. It is something that our team has been thinking about and discussing a lot since COVID appeared. We were trying to understand if we have created a special formula to achieve our 97% successful completion rate of all assignments that our clients invest in us to fill.

We spent a lot of time during this last year analysing past assignments to really understand what we did to achieve success. We have a very experienced team, we understand the nuances of employer branding, we are experts in our markets and understand the talent landscape within them, we know what good looks like for our clients but we kept coming back to the fact that we have to be absolutely relentless on every project. Recruiting exceptional talent is never easy and they certainly don't grow on trees nor are they sat waiting for our call. They are in huge demand, could have many new career opportunities if they wanted and so gaining their attention is critical.

We partner amazing clients with special stories but, despite this, candidates are not sat waiting and desperate to accept jobs with them. The key ingredient we have to add is relentlessness. We have to go again and again and again to ensure that we capture the attention of the right candidates before inspiring them and supporting them through our clients' recruitment processes.

Most of our assignments require us to find "needles in haystacks" and the absolute elite in their jobs and we have found that being relentless is the only way for us to successfully appoint the roles we do.

There is no quick fix to executive search and we seem to gain an advantage over many of our "competitors" simply by refusing to give up on a difficult brief and accept that our job is to keep going until our client is delighted with the appointment they expected us to deliver. There is no magic wand, only pure hard work.

So there we have it, simple but true, Collingwood's key differentiator is being relentless.

What is yours?