Pre pandemic most employees desired structure, a routine that allowed them to plan, and ultimately perform in their role to the best standard possible. However, as we have moved through the pandemic and hopefully now start to come out the other side and more flexible and agile approach is becoming increasingly desirable.

But what has really been apparent to me is the more generic need for organisations to take an agile approach in all that they do. Opportunity seems to be all around us at the moment, as companies target new verticals, implement new technology, recruit new members to their teams and drive forward after a challenging 18 months.

From a talent perspective being agile, adaptable and open to change has always been important - especially as workforces become increasingly millennial heavy - employees that typically want to be led in a different way. But the more generic business world is changing and that adaptable approach is critical. It may be organisations making hiring decisions on candidates that they haven't and can’t meet in person (common as a result of covid). Or as this article discusses, needing to change the work from home policy post covid to embrace the "new way of working" that has come as a result of covid.

It is understandable that after 18 months of masks, lockdowns, empty offices and furlough we all crave some sort of normality. However approaching the coming months with an open mindset can have endless benefits. Increased employee engagement, productivity and ultimately revenue are all on offer for organisations that can look at opportunities with an open mind, and make agile decisions to grasp the opportunity with both hands.