As part of the 5 mins with series of interviews I spoke with Nathan Baranowski the MD of Digital Wonderlab. We discussed the big topic of digital transformation. We’ve both seen a big push in transformation, in part forced by the lockdown last year, but in addition there have been some tremendous advancements across the healthcare sector.

I really enjoyed the discussion and I asked Nathan about the main blockers he has seen for organizations starting or continuing their digital journey. Its clear that money is tight, particularly in the charity sector but it appears that money is not the real blocker

I’m always interested to hear about the use of technology to improve businesses and to improve the lives of the service users and their families. We explored some real examples of transformations that have delivered real tangible benefit, both internally and externally.

Its always difficult for companies to start their digital journey. Like many things it seems overwhelming and also it appears as though the transformations sometimes need to be costly and expensive which is really not the case at all. Nathan very eloquently talked me through the simple steps a company could take to start in digital transformation.

Thank you again Nathan for spending the time to provide your insight. You can see the full video interview on the link below.