I was lucky enough to be introduced to Simon Lake just over a year ago and have had many conversations with him since. We’ve discussed most things, but mainly around digital transformation and healthcare technology advances. We agreed that we would record one of our discussions as part of the '5 mins with...' series of interviews, with the questions revolving around what Simon has learnt over the 35 years he has worked in technology.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I have enjoyed our many conversations. There are some fascinating responses to the questions which included

  • Best advice you can give someone starting out in their career
  • The best business tip ever received
  • The best job he has had

Simon has a wealth of knowledge and imparts this knowledge around stories which is always both informative and enjoyable.

His answer to the ‘best business tip ever received’ just demonstrates how far ahead of the curve he was in understanding what competencies a technology leader should have. The role of ‘CTO’ has changed a lot over the past 10 years or so and extends way beyond being a ‘technology expert’. Simon was given this advice near the beginning of his career and it has served him very well

I hope you enjoy listening to the interview and thank you Simon for spending the time with me. I look forward to our next conversation!