I have talked a lot over the past couple of years about employer brands, why they are so important and how to build one that attracts the markets best talent. There is no doubt that it is critical, in a candidate driven market (the best candidates often have multiple offers) to educate candidates on why your organisation offers them a great next step, helping them understand culture, progression opportunities and leadership style is really important. 

One thing that is often overlooked is the market in which your organisation operates, and why that presents great opportunity to candidates. Industrial automation and Industry 4.0 are two of the fastest growing technical markets, offering candidates the opportunity to work in fast paced, exciting areas, harnessing the very latest technology to drive significant growth and returns for customers in a host of markets. 

When developing your employer brand, the markets you target, the technologies you use and your strategic plan play a massive part in engaging and generating interest from the markets best talent. By using the exciting opportunity your industry presents, the candidates are 50% of the way there. A few points to focus on; 

- The evolution of the industry; demonstrate the strides made to show a positive trend. 

- The opportunities it presents; Focus on the opportunities to customers, but also to your organisation. 

- What specifically is your organisation trying to achieve; Market growth, market perception? Engage the candidate in that journey. 

If you can convey this message, and support it with the other components of your employer brand, you will see an increased level of engagement from passive talent pools, and its these that typically contain the markets best talent.