The power of storytelling in recruiting the people you need for your organization should never be underestimated. We have been collaborating very effectively with our clients recently to provide them with meaningful data - statistical/numerical and anecdotal - in our regular updates, based around market perception and awareness of their business.

That is perception and awareness amongst the very people that they are looking to recruit. An organization could have been doing the most incredible and positive things around growth, personal development, investment and innovation - but if they are not shouting about it and engaging with the market the message will be lost.

One of the most powerful means of getting this story out there is an interactive testimonial, a video from the people who are in your business right now. A message from the leadership team is good, well its great, and it is aspirational, but it does not represent the immediate opportunity for the person you want to recruit. The people who have achieved the career growth you promise, who have chosen you over competitors.

When you are purposefully working to attract a pool of candidates who are noticeably under represented like for example Women in Cyber, this approach becomes even more important.

Deloitte have made a significant step in this by putting together a campaign which is built around the women in their organization, globally. Real people who are in this job and have built, or started to build a career in cyber security with them. How much more powerful is this than an job description? It does not matter which social media platform you use, how much more powerful than a written message is a video of a woman speaking to the market about her career and her success in cyber security?

It will be interesting to see over the coming months and year how much of a positive impact this will have on attracting a more diverse candidate pool - but I suspect it will be very successful!