The market has shifted. In years gone by, an employer’s market meant candidate pools were deep, the recruitment "process" was about ensuring you made the "right hire" rather than "a hire". Oh how the times have changed!

Companies now compete in an employee’s market, with ample opportunity and candidate shortages making even the simplest of hire more challenging. The problems don’t end there unfortunately, when recruiting for senior/niche/leadership positions, companies increasingly want to be picking the best candidates the market has to offer - candidates that are difficult to identify, never mind attract.

The reality is that the best candidates don’t need to jump up and wave their arms. These individuals are all too aware of the value they can add and typically very capable of progressing their careers through internal recognition and progression.

The companies that are most successful in attracting these candidates all have something in common, they tell the story of their employer brand. Any career decision isn’t one that’s taken lightly, and making the move typically requires a candidate to tick lots of boxes with a potential new role.

To provoke the authentic emotion and ultimately attract the markets best talent, companies need to engage closely with candidates (directly or through partners) to understand what parts of their employer story are most relevant.

If this can be presented in the right way, candidates are proven to feel more engaged, interested and ultimately more likely to make that move.

So many organisations work so hard building all the elements of a great employer brand; culture, progression paths, opportunity and much more all contribute. But unfortunately the benefits of this hard work aren’t always received.

In the same way an author wants readers to read more than the blurb, you should want candidates to see and hear more than a job specification. Engage with them properly to ensure you truly reap the rewards of a great employer brand.