Let me deal with a huge misconception about recruitment over the past year.  A question I have been asked umpteen times by leaders.  The pandemic has not  resulted in there being an abundance of high quality individuals freely available.

This week Recruiter.com released their April Recruiter Index results.  On average, contingency style agencies (fee on placement) have reported record number of vacancies, leading to 20 live positions each recruiter is working on.  20.  Interestingly, the same report highlighted that there has been a shift in what candidates are looking for in their next job. Those seeking remote work has reduced, with package improvement taking center stage (23% and 32% respectively).

Retained headhunters like Collingwood (proactively attracting individuals who aren't actively looking and thus not scouring job boards) have been busy over the last year, too.  It is clear to us that headhunted candidates are being approached more so than usual. 

And within the industry that I serve, Building Materials & Construction, leading publication, Building, only last week highlighted that vacancies had jumped 55% in April, due to furlough, IR35 and Brexit.

This leads me to asking two questions:

1. How are you managing the most important roles for your business?  Who are you partnering in ensuring the best possible pool of talent is being approached?  If you're working with "fee only" recruiters, what priority have you put on cost versus the level of service?  Leading on from this, assuming your recruiter is balancing 20 live jobs, how confident are you that they're prioritising yours?  Are they prioritising those vacancies with clients who are paying the highest fee and working with a smaller number of agencies (inevitably, yes)? Are they taking the brief and purely sticking adverts out and completing a job board search in the hope someone will drop in?  

2. For your more pressing or business critical roles, how are you differentiating yourself from competition?  Have you developed a compelling story on your businesses culture, history, future developments?  Do you know if the package is competitive?

Whatever you do, please don't get pulled into the trap of thinking there are more candidates on the market or that you don't need to pour resource and investment into your search.