In our weekly mindfulness session our coach Russell Treasure posed the question - do we have our own Personal Board of Directors? Do we have people who we consult with and confide in when we have difficult decisions to make? By and large we could answer that we do, and we spoke about the reasons why this can be so important.

We discussed how it is important to have more than one person as different people will know you in different ways, from different circumstances and will provide alternative types of support and perspective - but importantly you must select carefully from those who have your best interests at heart!

A yes person is no more helpful than a no person, the person who tells you everything you say and do is brilliant can be as harmful as the one who is consistently negative about your plans, dreams or concerns.

Who is on your Board of Directors and how often are you consulting with them? Do you add to the Board, or is it a case of "if it ain't broke". I personally have a board made up of family, friends, mentors, people I see everyday, people I see occasionally - even people who are no longer with me. But all provide that barometer, moral compass, compassionate support and grounding when I need it, and in different points of my life it has been invaluable.

Think about it. Subconsciously you may already have one, but if you don't its definitely a good idea to start looking at finding people to appointment!