The pandemic rapidly changed the way we have all had to work and engage with colleagues. We weren't given any notice or time to really think about how we should approach remote work and so many organisations became something that wasn't planned. Some have worked and some not. But, now that we know the world is slowly opening back up, we do have time to consider where we are now and how our "new normal" could look.

Speaking to leaders, it feels like most will return with a hybrid model mixing remote with office working. It also feels like the office piece will be how we used to work in offices before COVID-19. However, there is a real opportunity to really think about how we can make the working week far more efficient through team and ergonomic design. 

I read the Harvard article below with interest. Their research highlights that 60% of the variance in team performance is down to how you design the team. Given this, surely returning to the "old normal" when in the office will only be detrimental? 

Some great food for thought!