We have all witnessed a change to our day to day lives and a fast adoption of technology. Many are working from home, GP’s are talking to us via the phone and video (far more than pre-covid), shopping has been done mainly online and businesses have pivoted their strategy to operate in this new world. One of the big areas of change has been in healthcare and we are witnessing an incredible period of innovation.

New systems and devices have been developed to improve the accessibility of health services, monitor patients, more easily and accurately diagnose patients and much more. Some of the companies and examples that caught my eye included:

  • Mednow – One of their products automatically organizes and dispenses medication according to the patients schedule. The devices uses specialized medication pouches that are delivered by an e-pharmacy which the patient and family can then manage prescriptions safely and easily
  • Amwell – They have released a virtual care platform which allows connectivity to third-party medical devices including IOT trackers. The system has been designed using flexible and scalable architecture to enable collaboration with a wide range of interconnected medical devices.
  • Microsoft and AXA – The two companies partnered to build a brand new digital healthcare platform leveraging Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing aligned with AXA’s healthcare expertise. The platform will allow self-assessment and prevention tool, a telehealth interface, medication interface and access to a global network of health professionals

This is an incredible period for the industry and there looks like no better time to launch new products into healthcare as there appears to be a real appetite and need to improve efficiency, increase capacity and reduce costs within healthcare providers. Artificial intelligence, robotics and computer vision will no doubt play a big role in this innovation.