The Covid pandemic has brought with it 18 months of change, whole markets have been in decline meaning many organisations have had to re strategise to survive, often focusing on new verticals and at times investing in new product lines. 

One of the common themes in recent conversations with clients and candidates is how they are realigning strategy to take advantage of the opportunity presented to them in the industrial automation market, as organisations seek increased productivity, reliability and ultimately profitability.

What were previously bustling manufacturing plants are now socially distanced operations, increasingly relying on connected devices and the data that they create to make proactive strategic decisions that improve business performance. With this change however comes risk, with connected plants bringing potential issues such as data breaches, connectivity outages and the potential of device theft. 

With this change organisations are left facing a new "sales challenge" needing to engage customers in a way that seeks to value sell, understanding what does value mean to them. The challenge comes in that every customers perceived "value" is different, meaning sales organisations are needing to adapt to a new way of selling. 

Recently, we have been supporting several of our clients in building on their high performing sales teams, by recruiting high potential sales people that are capable of having value led sales conversations, building long term strategic partnerships. This is often a shift in sales approach, and something we have to explore thoroughly in candidate interviews, by seeking to understand what a typical sales process looks like and their approach to customers, we are able to assist our client in building a sales organisation capable of capitalising on the industrial automation opportunity.