Is behavioural assessment part of your company's hiring process?

Do you assess how a candidate behaves at work, how they might fit into your team and culture?

If not, it certainly should be.

"Hire on skills, fire on behaviour", as the saying goes.

With the simple addition of behavioural assessment, your recruitment process could be transformed.

Recruitment and selection can be complex because people are complex. Often we recruit star candidates only to find on the job they lack the ‘something special’ we saw in the interview.

There are Three Levels of Assessment:

Companies using all levels will have a more successful hiring process.

Recruit to Level 3 with some Level 2 attributes for a successful recruit. 

Assessing candidates to a Level 3 standard against job requirements ensures we make smarter people decisions. This saves us time. This saves us money.

If you would like help in implementing a more robust recruitment process which will help you make better hires, please contact Philip Butler on