Although challenging, the last year has been one in which a lot of new habits have been formed. Some have been very positive and some ones that we need to stop asap.

As the world starts to return to some sort of normality, I have started to consider how the positive habits we have created at Collingwood could come under pressure. Surely we must ensure that we keep hold of the newly created habits that have kept us well, our mental health positive and that have even resulted in improved productivity or engagement with colleagues?

I think it is clear that most companies are going to go for a hybrid work model that will combine home working with 2 to 3 days back in the office. To keep hold of the positive new habits we have created, we need to consider the impact that returning to the office will have.

We have created a good number of new positive habits at Collingwood and many have been around health, fitness, personal learning and spending more time with our families. I have seen the positive impact for our team, me included, and I am determined that we don't revert back to our old ways. The last year has inadvertently highlighted what we all value the most in our lives and has given us the space needed to create some new habits. It would be a shame and, indeed, unforgivable, to let them disappear.

We have already started discussing these as a team and implementing more flexible working patterns to ensure that the old daily commutes don't wipe out new routines. Starting our team meetings later in the morning, making our mindfulness sessions and scheduled team coffees sacrosanct and agreeing to wellbeing challenges have been some of the ways we are keeping our new habits alive and kicking.

What are you doing to ensure your team doesn't return to bad habits?