Three years ago we were briefed by the largest global uPVC extrusion manufacturer for windows, VEKA, to recruit two UK board roles.  This led to the business taking on Dawn Stockell, as newly created Marketing Director, and Neil Evans, the then Sales Director, now Managing Director.

This morning it was interesting to read the below interview with Dawn on how she has recently repositioned the UK business to better align with the global organisation, along with what VEKA UK stands for now.  It is important to highlight that, upon joining the business, Dawn drove a complete revamp of the vision, values statement that went to market, when creating SPIRIT (see their site).  

What struck me whilst reading this is the trend I am witnessing across Building Products & Construction over the past nine months.  Although it is very clear businesses, both large and small, are investing in new appointments into leadership teams, there is a lack of noise in marketing functions.  This is precisely what happened during the crash of 2008 to 2012.  Thereafter, between 2012 and 2016, companies were clambering over themselves to secure the best possible talent within the function.

I am not suggesting businesses need to reinvest in new individuals within marketing, but many have spent lengthy periods and resources driving the branding message over the past 10 years.  Not only did this increase visibility and differentiation of what organisations stood for but, of clear importance in my role, increased the markets awareness and perception of employer branding - the work Dawn did with VEKA UK's Head of HR being a prime example of this.

In the main, the pandemic has changed the markets and employees views of what your business stands for.  My question to you is do your vision, values and mission statement still closely align to this shift and, if so, does your marketing message align to the heart of these changes?