It is great that mental health and general wellbeing in the workplace has become a much more common topic of conversation but, are leaders looking after themselves too?

The pandemic has put employee wellbeing under the microscope during the last year and the resulting conversations have produced a lot of positive new behaviours and norms.

During our team mindfulness session this week, I realised that I had taken the eye off the ball of my own wellbeing and have begun to feel unbalanced. Our team have done an amazing job of delighting our clients and delivering growth which has resulted in an increased workload all being delivered remotely. We have a microscope on wellbeing and probably talk about it daily but I realised that I have not been practicing what I have been preaching.

The beauty of our team mindfulness sessions is that they are very grounding. We are an honest bunch, are very open and so we don't allow ourselves to get into such ruts of work work work and not creating time for wellbeing. Anyway, my rut has only been a week and the session has put me firmly back on track.

Unless leaders look after their own mental health and wellbeing they will undoubtedly be of no use to their teams. Are you looking after yourself?