So it all started in 1940 when the British government decided to introduce music into the factories up and down our country to help to motivate the workforce during a very dark and stressful time.

Forwarding to 2021 and I wonder how many workplaces play music or even allow their employees to choose playlists.

We are music fans at Collingwood and enjoy listening to one another's musical tastes. This week became my favourite though with the arrival of our newest colleague Maria Perea. I should really ask about musical tastes during the interview process, as I do about football allegiances, but I was chuffed to bits when Maria starting reeling off what she would love to listen to. The Smiths, Stone Roses and basically anything from the heady days of MADCHESTER. So the playlist duly commenced and it was definitely my most productive day this week.

Do you have music in your work place and, if so, are you allowed to choose when everyone has to work to?