We are quite a sociable team and so being in constant lock down has been depressing for most of us so we decided to have at least 1 virtual team catch up weekly. We started with alternating between a mindfulness session with our qualified coach and holding a team quiz. The quiz was fun but after 9 months of it we decided it was using too many brain cells when what we actually needed was an hour to chill, laugh and bond.

A few weeks ago we started choosing questions that we help us find out more about one another and last week's was "choose 3 things that no one knows about you". We only really got to one each because and focused on which celebrities we had rubbed shoulders with.

Here are our top 6:

✔️One of our consultants shared a pint with George Best at 8.30 in the morning!

✔️One of our Customer Experience team has been an extra on some cult UK soap operas including Hollyoaks and Brookside

✔️One of our consultants was asked by Nirvana to show them to the venue they were playing and ended up back stage sharing a cup of team and a chat.

✔️One of our consultants ended up having a game of balloon football with Kings of Leon

✔️One of our marketing team won a competition to visit CD UK (Ant & Dec) and met Girls Aloud in the very early days

✔️My dad had to go on Going Live with Philip Schofield and Sarah Green to present some prizes for Christmas Card design winners. His highlight was chilling in the green room with Keith Harris and Orville

What have you done to bring your team together to have fun, relax and laugh during the last year of this pandemic?