I can remember very clearly the London Olympics of 2012, I was one of the many lucky enough to secure tickets to an event and spent a day at Wimbledon. I watched Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova. After play had finished we walked around the smaller, outside courts and saw the Williams sisters play a matter of feet away.

Seeing professional athletes close up is awe inspiring, its almost super human to see that level of ability and almost impossible to comprehend the level of commitment involved. 

One thing I do remember very clearly, apart from "Super Saturday", is the success of the GB Cycling team and the phrase marginal gains. The theory developed by Sir Dave Brailsford focused around improving 1% at a time - not taking success for granted, continually building on it.

I read this article recently about Discretionary Effort. Not a million miles away from marginal gains, but with a focus on fostering a culture of personal improvement, more applicable to a non sporting environment I suppose.

Discretionary effort is all about creating an empowering environment which encourages you to personally take on the challenge of self improvement.  Getting to this by implementing a culture of support, not blame, continual learning and improvement - not quick wins, objectively reviewing performance - no judgement.