What is the cost to your business for every day that passes with a critical vacancy remaining open?

Whilst I understand the cost of recruitment has to be considered, is it a false economy if you have to endure months without a role that is absolutely key to achieve your business objectives? Surely nothing is worse than having multiple sales vacancies because you can't find the right talent that will be pivotal in achieving your growth targets. Suddenly your reticence to invest in a robust recruitment solution could cost a large multiple of what you needed to pay in the first place! 

Nothing annoys us more than to hear from companies who have been let down by their chosen recruiter. However, sometimes, you need to consider if you are too focused on agreeing a low fee rather than securing a partner who has the expertise and experience to succeed.

Over the years, we have watched several clients put their confidence in contingency recruiters for roles that we know will only be filled through a proactive headhunt. They were taken in by these recruiters declaring that they will headhunt when the reality is they really don't have the skills or inclination. They are targeted on placements and quick ones at that. They lack resilience, creative thinking and the necessary skills.

Please really consider the impact your business would have to endure if you choose the wrong recruitment partner. Don't be taken in by words and ensure that you take up references to confirm that they do have the skills you need to fill your critical vacancies. Agreeing a low price is one thing but if you then fail to deliver your revenue and profits targets, surely it becomes a very false economy?

Recruitment is not about throwing mud at the wall. It is an expertise that ensures you have the talent you need to achieve your business objectives.