Are you proud to be the top performer in your company? Are you surrounded by other superstars who constantly push you to be better and to keep improving? Do they hold you to account to ensure you keep developing and deliver better results year after year? If yes then fantastic! If no, are you happy to be in your comfort zone or are you wasting your potential by being in the wrong environment?

We specialise in building high performing teams for our clients and we speak to so many candidates who are proud to declare that they are the number one performer in their business and accept that they carry the company due to the rest of their team being average at best. If you are happy to be the best of an average bunch then that's fine but if you have set challenging career objectives then I strongly suggest that you rethink your path to achieve them.

Our built environment team had an example this week of a top performing individual who engaged with one of our clients due to being hugely frustrated at how personally limiting their employer was on their development. We offered them the opportunity to join a rapidly growing organisation for whom we are assembling the best team in their industry but when it came to the crunch of joining other superstars, our candidate decided to continue to be the number one in a very average team. Their employer loves them, counter offered with a substantial pay rise but, apart from remuneration, their situation hasn't changed. They will stifle their personal development and may not be so attractive if they continue to stagnate for too much longer.

Please ensure you surround yourself with people who will challenge you, hold you to account and drive you on to achieve whatever objectives you have set yourself.