Over the past five years businesses have worked hard on building Mission, Values, Purpose and Vision statements.  I've witnessed the two ends of the spectrum in terms of how companies have breathed these - both the authentic and highly believable, to those that have been just words on a website.  Guess what, candidates and those external to the company pick up on these too.

Some businesses build portions of their recruitment process around these and, in my experience, it leads to strong, joined up thinking when picking out the shining star.  

When building employer branding, corporate responsibility has a positive impact.  But what is corporate responsibility?  Succinctly put, it is a businesses awareness and actions that ensure their work impacts society at large in a positive way. 

And this isn't limited to large corporates.  Within Building Materials and Construction, the industries I serve, I have witnessed three very well thought out, fulfilling and rewarding strategies:

 - A privately owned, £50m turnover manufacturer within fenestration work closely with local colleges, developing activities and events that align to the type of roles that they require from the area.  They are also extremely active around the town and county they're situated within, winning numerous sustainability and community awards.  And they put a lot of work into supporting local charities

 - A floated, £120m construction operator have a national award winning apprenticeship scheme.  They reinvest profits back into community schemes and sponsor a number of youth club premises

 - A privately owned, £20m roofing product manufacturer do workshops within STEM subjects in local schools and colleges.  They are also actively involved in school clean ups, allowing staff time off to help

Aside from the positive impact such projects have on communities, when marketed correctly, people, candidates and communities as a whole notice.  Such activities speak volumes about your business and further attract individuals to it.