We’ve all been there.  You establish contact with a prospect and start to build rapport.

Then suddenly, bang. They fall of the face of the earth. They GHOST you.

Ghosting is one the key frustrations of sales people today.

So why do prospects ghost you and what can you do about it?

They ghost you because:

Something has happened in their personal life which takes their focus away from buying your product or service.

The company has been taken over or sold and the buyer is unsure what is happening regarding buying decisions.

They are on holiday and you didn’t know. They haven’t put an out of office on their email either.

The project or their budget has been shelved.

They prefer the product/service, price or approach of your competitor.

They are too busy with other priorities.

They don’t like you as a person.

They are just plain rude.

What you can do about it:

Don’t take it personally. Often the reason is THEM, not YOU. Don’t get angry and make hasty decisions

If you have tried phoning and emailing them and had no response, send a brief video message or Linkedin voice note saying something like “Hi Mary. Just a quick message to ask if you would like me to close the book on our discussion? It seems as though things have changed from your side…No problem. I understand. Please drop me a quick message back to confirm and we can stay in touch for the future. Thanks”

Or send a letter through the post with the same message. Yes that’s right. A letter. Paper and an envelope. They do still exist.

Phone from a different number and see if they pick up.

Phone the company reception desk and ask if your contact is on holiday at present.

Approach other contacts in the same company and find out what is currently happening at the company.

Add value one last time and finish things on a positive note. Send them some info about a competitor. A relevant news article or blog. Something that shows you add value rather than being a sales person with commission breath. Then leave things for a week and try again.

Continue to interact with their company and personal social media posts. Stay front of mind.

Stay positive. Most of the time it's nothing personal...