As part of the 5 mins with interview series I spoke with Lee Hodgson the CIO at Ambient Support. We’ve had many discussions over the past 6 months or so around the growing amount of digital transformation and innovation. It’s tough for many companies at the moment as they want to push forward their digital plans but also need to keep a close eye on costs.

One subject we talked about is the difference between the way a digital transformation project evolves through an AGILE approach and the potential clash with the wider business that is used to defined timescales, cost and outcome (a Waterfall approach). The two perspectives are almost at odds with each other.

I know many other CIO’s face a similar challenge in being able to execute a successful transformation project and manage internal stakeholders expectations so the project has the best chance of success.

With technology advancing quicker than ever and therefore different skills and experience needed in digital teams, I asked Lee how he keeps his team up to speed. We explore his approach to recruitment, training and upskilling to enable his team to keep pace with emerging technology.

Thank you again Lee for the great conversation and taking part in the video

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