Watching the latest and by far most optimistic briefing yet on life after Lockdown, it is difficult to not start to look forward to so many things that have been out of reach for so long. As soon the news leaked today I started receiving messages and sending messages to friends and family, we can start making plans with a bit more conviction!

Finally it seems we can move from virtual to real life drinks, meeting in person to catch up - even looking ahead to going on holiday. It actually feels within reach.

Whether it is a long country walk, a night out, going to a gig, seeing work colleagues, or even something as simple but important as being able to see and hug a relative. We have all had to adapt and change, we have all had so many challenges.  

This article from the M.E.N looks at some of the things that suddenly seem so much nearer. A post lockdown bucket list of things we took for granted which could now become the norm again.

In many ways out of necessity there can be many positive changes to how we live and work.

What have you missed, what can you not wait to do - or, what do you feel we can take as a positive from the difficult time we have all endured?