The war for talent is very real and has intensified significantly.

If as a business you are asking why the best people are not joining your company, maybe have a think about the following:

People are more risk averse right now when it comes to moving jobs. They will only move for something really special and don't want to put themselves in a risky position financially.

Your salary is not attractive enough.

Your benefits package is lousy.

It’s 2021 and you don’t offer flexible working? C’mon man. What planet are you living on?

Your online company reviews are awful. Check Glassdoor.

There is no defined career path at your company. You’re not telling people where they could get to based on their hard work and tangible results? Why not? You should be. It matters

Your job adverts are as dull as dishwater. They do not bring your company to life and portray you as an employer of choice.

Your recruitment process is ineffective. There is no personal touch. Your process is not efficient. You do not assess behaviour as well as skills.

You are not working with an effective headhunter who knows their market & who is an expert candidate seducer.

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