Especially after watching him score in the Champions League for Liverpool last tonight against RB Leipzig, it is hard to believe that many people questioned the signing of Mohamed Salah. 

Salah had of course failed to make an impact at Chelsea. His seasons spent in Italy were not ground breaking, yet Liverpool broke their then transfer record for him. Several trophies later and numerous goal scoring records smashed - it's fair to say he's proved to be an inspired piece of recruitment.

Jurgen Klopp was a believer. As proven time and again, he can trust his scouting team to deliver. Klopp trusts their research, their data, and just as importantly, he trusts their insight into culture fit. When his scouts have identified 'Liverpool' work ethic and motivation, they have identified a "Liverpool" player.

This can not happen by accident. Klopp and his recruitment team have determined what makes a true Liverpool player. At the outset of their search, they track a talent over months, sometimes even years - look at Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker. The recruitment team is the Liverpool FC ambassador; championing the values required, sourcing and tracking talent and eventually bringing in people to grow with the team and continue to add value...

You've got it. 

We do the same thing for our clients, who trust us to find the right people for them. Research your company, research the market, research the people. We can gather and deliver data throughout the process but not until we have invested the time to understand the DNA the company.

Then, like Salah, a candidate of high potential becomes a vital and invaluable part of the team. They develop and grow with your business, they prosper themselves and those around them.

Disclaimer - service does not come with guarantee of silverware, a personalised chant or sponsorship deals.