'Cyber Security' and 'data privacy' are probably a million miles away from most of our thoughts when we engage and share on social media.

I recently listened to a Podcast by Tim Erlin of Tripwire, he spoke with Zoe Rose on the subject of data privacy. Zoe is recognised as one of the 50 most influential women in Cyber Security. 

Through a mix of industry insight and powerful real life experience, Zoe makes the subject of data privacy, something that can seem like an abstract concept to most of us, both relevant and relatable.

Making the subjects of information security and data privacy relevant and accessible to the every day user takes skill and true insight. Whilst enjoyment of our online activities should not be compromised by concerns over safety and the safety of our data, we have to be mindful of the potential pitfalls. 

Whilst it should be the obligation of the organisations that handle our data to be responsible with it, we too need to bring our online accountability in line with that of our 'real life' existence.