The vast majority of Collingwood's articles delve into quite serious subjects. In my case they revolve around building high performing leadership teams and the industry I have loved to serve for so long; namely Building Materials and Construction.

I saw the below article shared on social media by a CEO contact of mine this week.  Although a little tongue in cheek, it got me thinking.  I have to open up about a major frailty of mine - I am a massive music snob.  I hate this fact.  It is not a nice trait, and I constantly find that I have to rein myself in.  Through being married to a pop princess I have got better over the years.

A very positive by-product of lockdown, in my opinion, has been listening to whatever obscure music I wish.  No more debating with work colleagues on whether it's Radio One, Two or some repetitive commercial radio station this week.  Clearly music, like any art, is subjective.  It's what makes for such a wonderful, colourful world.

The below article did make me reflect on my working habits and I soon realised that:

 - When completing a tough document, heavy classical music wins the day (Beethoven, Rachmaninoff being prime examples)

 - When the need to complete a brain numbing, repetitive piece of work sits top of my priorities, the stop watch goes on and Big Beats or Drum and Bass gets slapped on (Chemical Brothers or Leftfield by example)

 - Any other time BBC 6 Music or silence ensues

Firmly parking my snobbery, I'd love to hear what you listen to get your in the zone for specific tasks.  I promise not to judge, especially as my tastes are "eclectic" verging on odd!