Like many Liverpool FC fans, I am also feeling pretty low at the moment. We have been on an unbelievably positive journey since Klopp arrived to turn our fortunes around but, since Christmas, like fans of most other teams, we have to taste regular disappointment! Before starting to write this post I have been reading all sorts of extreme rubbish, mainly from the mainstream media, challenging if Klopp is the right man to take Liverpool forward. We were top of the league at Christmas, have endured a pretty tough 6 weeks, and now journalists are desperate for blood. 

Football is, in the main, a very brittle world where knee jerk decisions are made far too often. I was once contacted by a football agent who saw an opportunity to introduce a robust talent mapping and recruitment process for managers. He felt that there are very few clubs who have a long term strategy and, instead, it is all about current results and league table position. He was angry that clubs create a shortlist for a managerial vacancy based on popularity and who is enjoying great results than based on any strategic vision. 

As much as some try to discredit Liverpool's owners FSG, they are running the club as they would any business and that includes strong governance and a future vision. They have a strong purpose, have created a clear vision and culture and everything is aligned to these. From players who fit the culture and playing style through to sponsors who align too. In fact, the whole Liverpool family is aligned.

How many companies would part with their CEO or Managing Director if they had endured a 6 week drop in sales? Not many.

Anyway, Klopp's led Liverpool have had a rough few weeks but all the foundations that brought our success remain in place. Any discussions around getting rid of Klopp are just ridiculous and fuelled by media that need to sell their wares and do so by creating uncalled for panic. It is lazy journalism.

Funnily enough, I haven't heard of any media calling for the heads of Ancelotti or Solskjaer who have suffered an identical drop during the last 6 games.

Without discussing the obvious reasons for the slip in performance, or poor excuses as the media would call them, Klopp's strong leadership will continue and, as our key players return, we will start winning games, leagues and trophies again.

All leadership is putting under pressure at some point and this is Liverpool's time.