Over the past half year I have worked on a number of high level, attractive new positions within the industry that I serve (building materials & construction).

Granted, it is clear that there are an increased number of candidates available in the market.  However, if a client is looking for a shining star to add immediate value to a board or team, these people are in high demand, and they know it!

Since the new year I have witnessed two sets of client interviews that have transcended into candidates feeling numb to the prospective employers.  This does nothing but leave people nonplused, or even put off, about joining the organisation.  There really can be no excuse for experiences such as:

 - Candidates waiting more than a week for feedback on the clients decision to progress to interview stages. I appreciate decision makers are being pulled all over the place currently and pinning stakeholders down to a collective date is difficult.  Communicate this and ensure engagement stays strong throughout the shortlisting stage

 - Candidates waiting more than three days for feedback post interview.  This is an obvious one, but still regularly happens

 - First interviews developing into a Spanish inquisition of the candidates abilities.  Yes, you need to know if they are the right fit, but allow at least one-third of the first meeting to be about them gaining buy in about their prospective employer

Throughout this time one thing is very clear to me - the very best talent is not looking.  They're very valuable to their organisation.

And it's not just about you wooing the best.  A poor candidate experience, irrespective of your thoughts on their ability, can damage the employer brand you, HR and the marketing team have spent so long attempting to build.  Empathy of peoples situations should always be front of mind too.  People have mortgages and families to look after.  It doesn't matter how misaligned they are to the specification, a brief response should be common practice.