I know there will be a lot of scepticism around China building a time machine but, if we allow ourselves to consider just the potential positives of one, where would you go right now?

We are all spending a lot of time reminiscing about the great times we have had in our lives and, at Collingwood, we have been discussing some of the holidays we would love to return to. Visualisation is a powerful way to bring on a smile during this pretty difficult time. But, can you imagine if we could be all Back to the future and travel to our happy place for real!!

The options are endless;

  • Celebrate your wedding day again surrounded by your friends and family
  • Return to your school days when you had no responsibilities and playing kiss or dare was the most stressful thing you did!
  • Reliving your football team winning a trophy or the league again
  • Returning to a holiday that was just amazing

We could, of course, also travel to the future. I wonder what it will look like when this pandemic passes.

So, what would you do?