Throughout the pandemic many companies have had a laser focus on their operations. Many have reviewed the markets they operate in, their products, their solutions, customer experience, efficiencies, and costs to re-align their businesses to thrive in the coming years. The need to hire the best talent to deliver against strategy could not be more important.

The battle for the best talent at all levels is fierce. The reality is that the best people are currently working and probably not actively looking. Therefore, advertising roles, whilst it will undoubtedly attract a huge amount of response, will not get the best people. The best people are unlikely to see that advert, never mind apply. Choosing the best recruitment partner will ensure that you get access to the best candidates in the market and ultimately enable you to on-board someone that will execute your strategy, and deliver the outcomes you are looking for.

It is vital that you select the right recruitment partner. To give you an example; I received this message through LinkedIN:

Hello Justin,

We're recruiting for a CMO for a London based tech business in the AI space.

The role is paying £160k and you can find out more here - http://xxxxx. Our processes are digital so you can apply online or register with us generally RE your career.

This role is a very senior hire, with a good salary budget and working in AI. All great selling points. However, is this how you would expect your recruitment partner to represent your brand? Do you think that a recruiter (ie. Me) with 25 years + experience of recruitment is a good match for a Chief Marketing Officer role in AI & Fintech? How would a CMO react to this type of message? Where is the intrigue? Does it generate curiosity to prompt a response and engagement? Does it reach the best Candidates that aren't looking for new role?

How much do you really know about your recruitment partner? What is their approach, methodology, market intelligence and history? Cost is important, but you are putting your brand and your company’s future in your recruitment partners hands.  

Ultimately the CMO in the example is going to play a pivotal role in the success or failure of the company in question. Having a partner that can reach the best people (CMO’s in this case) is the only way to deliver strategy and positive business outcomes.