A topic which I often see discussed in my network around Cyber Security is that of mental health and wellbeing.  A career in Cyber Security can bring with it a lot of satisfaction and success, the opportunity to consistently make a significant and positive impact on the clients you work with.

It can also bring unique pressures which can have a negative impact on a persons wellbeing. 

Working in Cyber Security can, and often will mean working remotely. It can involve erratic working hours and tight deadlines. However on top of all of this it can also place a lot of emphasis and responsibility on the individual. 

I recently read an interesting article by George Platsis, Director of Cyber Security at FTI Consulting. He builds on some of the themes mentioned, and also comments on some of the underlying triggers within the industry for mental wellbeing issues and burnout - while offering some constructive solutions on how these can be dealt with.

An engaging read, and I am sure that many of the potential solutions mentioned here could be applied by leaders across different industries.