Effective leaders must build trust on a regular basis. The following are the 3 most effective ways to build trust as a leader:

1. Show vulnerability as a leader.
Being vulnerable and admitting your shortcomings as a leader is one of the most effective ways to build trust. For both employees and managers, being vulnerable with your weaknesses and mistakes demonstrates empathy. The more empathetic someone is, the more likely you are to trust them.

2. Communicate the intent behind your actions.
Making your intentions behind your actions clear is also an effective way to build trust. Intent is such a primary part of the definition of trust, to begin with. Communicating the intent behind your actions means being open about why you’re saying something, and why decisions are made — including your decisions to not act on something.

3. Follow through on commitments.
Simply following through on commitments is another powerful way to build trust. Employees sometimes believe that companies and leaders are ‘all talk and no action’.