Does this sound very basic and perhaps bizarre to you? It did to me but, partnering a range of SME businesses, I have encountered numerous situations where a Managing Director has been critical of a newly appointed leader's performance until I have dug deeper. It seems that SME businesses can put too much trust in a new leader, purely by assuming they know what to do. After all, they are expensive and have delivered a similar role before. Does that make sense to you or does it sound familiar?

Talent can certainly be an expensive investment, especially if you get it wrong. Please never assume nor leave a new leader to "crack on". Your business is unique and treat it as such. You have a different culture, a different vision, a different strategy........ and so you must ensure that these are all communicated well and you MUST develop a set of measurable objectives with your new recruit. They must be discussed, agreed and regularly reviewed. 

Please never recruit a new leader and then assume to see miracles without your input and alignment to your business. If you do, you are very likely to be disappointed.

This will sound simple to many of you but, trust me, it isn't for all.