We had a good bi-monthly team mindfulness session today. Our coach asked us all what we love to do outside of work and each of us happily reeled off some fantastic activities and pastimes that are possible despite the current UK lock down. Most involved some sort of exercise in the fresh air. Then our coach asked how many of us diarise these activities each day to ensure we actually do them. Not one of us do! Despite Collingwood being a very well-being focused employer, it is clear that our team still don't value ourselves enough to prioritise an hour each day to look after ourselves. We all do enjoy some "me time" but we don't prioritise it in the same way as we do a client call or any work related task. I would imagine this is pretty common place?

Anyway, we now have a challenge to start scheduling our list of activities that we all love doing and I already feel re-energised and determined about it. We are extremely busy delivering some very exciting projects globally and it is so easy for each day to become totally work obsessed but, unless we look after ourselves, we are unlikely to keep delighting our clients. Furthermore, creating a "groundhog day" environment is no good for anyone.

How are you ensuring your teams or colleagues keep their own mental and physical well-being front of mind?