2020 was a challenging year for all us and not least of which the Charity Sector. Talking to many C-Level leaders in the sector, donations were affected significantly with some reporting that donations were down by nearly 50%. The most affected were those that were more reliant on in-person donations and events to generate income.

I read one article that suggested that nearly a third of charities across the globe had folded. Other charities and non-profit organisations had been forced to make redundancies. However, there are many examples of charitable organisations that have held up well because they already had a digital fundraising platform that they could rely on and expand further.

Some initiatives that have worked well for charities include

QR codes have been used to drive easy ways to contribute or to electronically provide a Charities impact statement during an online transaction. One very interesting partnership has been a Charity utilising AR on Domino pizza box tops. This initiative has seen an 80% increase in donations. We have also seen ‘donation stickers’ on social platforms

At the other end of the scale we have seen livestream fundraisers to replace the traditional in person large scale charity functions. One such event raised over $3m in 24 hours. These initiatives are aimed at engaging younger donors especially in their teens.

2021 is likely to see more enforced lockdowns and all businesses will continue to look at how they pivot their operations to gain revenue. With the need to combat this and also to appeal to younger donors in the future, charities will need to start their digital journey or expedite their current plans.