I read an interesting article from Fast Company in which the author outlined the importance of recruiting the right leaders in your boardroom. I know this sounds like common sense but he went further to say that good leaders should have a positive following of key talent that would love to work for them again. A leader who is in their own eco system or self importance bubble could spell trouble and disaster for your business. Surely having to start from scratch to build a new team raises a big red flag?

When I reflect on the great leaders that I have recruited and generally talk to daily, it is true that the best ones almost have ready to go teams who follow them around. Not all members of these follower teams will be right for each challenge being taken up by the new leader but some will be.

In your recruitment process, do you only focus on whether the candidate will successfully deliver the challenge you are presenting them with or do you go deeper and look at the strength of the eco system they have created around them during their career? Gaining references from previous employees to gain a genuine understanding of their approach to leadership, whether they would fit culturally and generally what to expect from them in your C-suite.

Simple but, in my opinion, a good addition to a recruitment process.