I read a new report from LinkedIn this week outlining 15 roles that will be in high demand through 2021. The world and, indeed, the job market, has become a very different place due to COVID-19, however, this report presents a lot of optimism and reasons that both companies and job seekers should be allowed a small smile.

As a global Executive Search consultancy I can certainly also confirm that the majority of our clients are investing or intend to invest in new talent to help grow their businesses and take advantage of new opportunities that have been created by this pandemic.

Here are the top 15 roles that LinkedIn reported will be in high demand:

1. Fulfilment 

2. Loans and mortgages

3. Healthcare

4. Business development and sales

5. Workplace diversity

6. Digital marketing

7. Nursing

8. Education

9. Digital content 

10. Coaching

11. Software

12. Mental health

13. User experience

14. Data science

15. Artificial intelligence