Every December seems follows a similar pattern in the recruitment world. It is so often a time of two extremes, some customers become more available and will do anything in their power to secure that great hire before turning on their out of office, and on the other side of the coin, many take the "lets get Christmas out of the way and really push on in January" approach. 

Its almost as though the days in between leaving the office for Christmas and returning in the New Year don't exist, as though everything shuts down and the business world stops turning. Although this may be the case in some parts of an organisation, it certainly isn't the case with talent and recruitment. 

It is so important to remember that in recruitment we are dealing with people, and they never really stop! Because of this, Christmas and New Year can actually be one of the best times to recruit, here are a few of the reasons why; 

Reflection - The markets best talent is often so hard to reach due to busy professional and personal lives. However Christmas and New Year is often seen as a time for reflection. Possibly the only time of the year where we get chance to slow down, reflect and consider big changes in our personal and professional life - it represents a fantastic opportunity to engages with the market of active candidates. 

Hitting the ground running - Starting in January has so many benefits. It really gives candidates a great opportunity to hit the ground running. The start of a calendar year offers a clean break, and allows you to bring in talent that is refreshed and ready to contribute quickly after recharging over the festive period. 

Reduced competition - As I have already mentioned, so many organisations slow down dramatically over the Christmas holidays and in such a competitive market were the war for the best talent is greater than ever, this presents a real opportunity. Whilst your competition stop, you can be engaging with the best talent, at a time when they are reflecting and potentially considering the next step. 

This presents organisations with an opportunity to really get ahead of the competition, to engage with the markets best talent during one of the only periods that offers the candidates time and space to reflect and consider. The benefits on offer to organisations include superior talent, an opportunity for a faster start in the new year - what more could you want for Christmas? 

This isn't about working over the holidays, we all need time to re-charge! But actions can be taken before Christmas to allow the ball to keep rolling whilst away. So think about potentially doing the following; 

- Advertise your January roles before leaving for Christmas.

- Brief your recruitment partners pre Christmas. Its  great opportunity for them to engage with their networks. 

- Set up calls with partners for early Jan to engage quickly, its important to capitalise on any work over the holiday period. 

- Continue to engage with already in process candidates over the break. You can schedule timed emails from outlook, Merry Christmas/Happy New Year goes a long way. 

I hope some of this helps and allows you to keep the talent ball rolling over the next few weeks, but its also important to use the holiday period as a time to recharge after what has been a really strange and challenging year. 

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a successful new year.