Over the past 6 months recruitment processes have switched from face to face to video calls. During this period I have started to notice that some candidates are left dis-engaged and without total clarity on the role, culture, objectives, plans etc. It’s so important that the candidate has a positive experience through the interview process and that they have a platform to learn more about what’s on offer.

The interview process needs to be a true two-way exchange where the employer learns more about the candidate and the candidate learns more about the employer. It’s appears that this two-way exchange is much more heavily weighted towards the employer learning more and much less for the candidate. The outcome can be that the best talent is put off, withdraws from the process or isn’t completely committed to your role because they aren’t clear what your overall offering is.

What should the Candidate learn during the interview process?

Objectives / expectations in first years

Support in the role



Vision & purpose




For remote workers, how does the employee feel part of the overall company

Onboarding plan

Training & career progression


Management style and reporting lines

The interview process should be as much about you presenting yourself, company and role as it is about the Candidate presenting themselves. The companies that recognise this are the ones securing the best talent. If you want the best Candidates to invest time in your process, then respect their need to see some investment from you covering the points above and answering their questions. It could be the difference between hiring or not hiring.